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My symptoms: Powering on has no effect except that the powerlight comes up and after a while the fan starts to spin. The CPU as well as the northbridge chip become very hot. No screen, HD not starting, no beeps. When listening very closely, I can hear a faint click upon turning on and off. What happened before: I had hardly used the laptop during the last 12 months, but then decided to upgrade the HD and buy a new battery (the original one was long gone). But first, I replaced the faulty touchpad with one I took from a derelict Fseries vaio. Since they were produced at roughly the same time and used the same driver, I suspect that they might be compatible, which they actually turned out to be. So after a good deal of twiddling the touchpad was good as new and the laptop still booted perfectly into Windows. (If you are interested in the details of the touchpad replacement job, I'm happy to provide more info, since I searched the net for this kind of info to absolutely no avail.) I then let the laptop sit unassembled for two days until the new HD arrived. Luckily, before starting to replace the HD, I tried to turn the vaio on for a last time, well, kind of a farewell gesture towards the old and whiny HD, I guess. And this is where the trouble started. The laptop began to show the symptoms described above. Finally, here's what I tried to cure the symptoms, to no good outcome: Powering on for >2min (actually, with the help of a Qtip: >200min )1 disconnecting the CMOSBattery removing the additional 256MBRAM removing the replaced touchboard removing the (old) HD I refuse to believe that after surviving my touchboard replacement efforts so gracefully, the laptop decided to end its live after two days of inactivity. Yet I have no more ideas what else to try. >> Re: Sony Vaio PCGZ600/505 won't power up (one for Tom and Joe) My Z600TEK has a slightly different symptom: It will freeze in the Windows 2000 logo screen. When I try to boot in safe mode with command prompt, the last line before it freezes says something about the agp440 driver being loaded. This is the screen driver, right? But the screen looks fine. It also doesn't finish booting from usbfloppy or pcmcia cdrom. I opened it up to check the motherboard battery. I had replaced the hard drive once, so I knew I had to peel off the plastic caps at the lcd hinge to find the last two screws. The battery is hidden under the motherboard, but a red/black wire pair running from the bottom to a connector on the top reveals its location. I measured the voltage on the pins of the connector, and it read 3.45V. This sounds good to me, so I didn't bother to replace the battery. Still, I have no clue what the problem is. Any ideas? >> Re: Sony Vaio PCGZ600/505 won't power up I have been having the same start up problem for my PCGZ505LSK for the past 8 years. It first started in July of 2004. Since then the computer has been periodically asleep with the inability to start for up to 12 years. This summer in July 2008, I was able to get my laptop to start up again. I did think twice about the irony of the date, with it being so close to the date (month) the problem first appeared. After about two days of leaving it on, since I was so happy that it was working and being so fearful that it wouldn't start again, I turned the VAIO off only to have it go into hibernation again for another 2.5 weeks. The last time it started was in August of 2008. Since then, I learned a trick to keep it going. Never click on "SHUTDOWN" in Windows! Instead, click on "RESTART". Well this worked without a hitch for the last 40 something days until today, when I went to the public library to use my VAIO. A friend called me and I decided to turn the computer off with the lid closed, so I may have accidentaly clicked on SHUTDOWN. Well, sure enough, my computer is in the indefinite sleep mode, where no matter how many times I click on start, the power won't come on and it won't boot. I tried holding the switch for 2 minutes to no avail. I still cannot figure out where the CMOS battery is as no one in the whole wide world has ever provided a picture with the exact location of where it is on the Z505. I am left in the waiting period until my computer awakens again. all uggs,where to buy baby uggs,ugg boot clearance sale,ugg mens ascot,really cheap uggs for sale,2012 uggs